One Foggy Morn in 2007 - allenpix


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Entrance to the Phillips home. This was Gerald Phillips home. He made his money on Phillips Colleges all over the place. It was a scam. They hired for little or nothing, poor people to take classes and got the government money and pocketed it. Then the student was made to drop. Quite lucrative for a few years and then he finally got caught. NO jail time, but "Based on the foregoing findings of fact and conclusions of law, it is hereby ORDERED, that Phillips Colleges, Inc. reimburse United States Department of Education for interest and special allowances paid by the Department to PCI's GSL lenders from July 1, 1987, through April 1, 1990, and repay $155,000,000 to the appropriate GSL lenders." They never did and seemed to retain their assets. This home was known around town as "The Phillips Mansion". BTW, He is trying to sell it for 4 MILLION dollars. Good luck with that.
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